Awakening female pleasure online program

How would it feel to bring your woman to ecstatic bliss?

How would that affect your relationship and your confidence as a MAN ?

In this online training you will learn:

– How to communicate with your lover
– Pleasure your partner with your eyes, voice, non-genital touch
– Create the space for her to relax, receive and become aroused by you
– How to bring her to energy orgasms, whole body orgasms, and more
– How to help her heal pain and trauma
– How to give her a few kinds of massage, including a yoni (vaginal) massage

Sexual and holistic practitioners – you can use this workshop as practitioner-training. Although my focus is on women, you could take what you learn to work with men as well.

“Eternally grateful!”
~ Layla Martin, Sexuality educator, USA.

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